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ARB Jeep YJ 87-95 Safari Snorkel Intake Kit (4.0L)

ARB Jeep YJ 87-95 Safari Snorkel Intake Kit (4.0L)
ARB Jeep YJ 87-95 Safari Snorkel Intake Kit (4.0L)

Designed specifically for the Wrangler, this snorkel will give you peace of mind when tackling water or dust. Some of the most popular four wheel drive vehicles have their air cleaner pick up point relatively low and, frankly, are extremely susceptible to sucking in much more than just air. A snorkel is essential insurance to protect today's sophisticated engines from ingesting water on inevitable deep-water crossings, and from choking on dust in the desert. A safari snorkel will protect your vehicle's motor and supply clean air by lifting the air entry higher. In fact, ARB's Safari Snorkels are the largest in body size available and this ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements for both petrol and diesel engines. Safari snorkels are manufactured from high quality polyethylene, which is ultraviolet stabilized, and custom designed in Australia for each particular vehicle make. Fits Fuel injected Vehicles only.

  • Fits 87-95 YJ Wrangler
  • Not for carbureted models
  • Designed specifically for the Wrangler
  • Keep dust and water out of your engine
  • UV stable polyethylene body for the ultimate in strength


Installation Requires (2-3 Hours):



Wrangler LJ 04-06
Wrangler TJ 99-06
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