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Daystar Complete Hood Pin Kit

Daystar Complete Hood Pin Kit
Daystar Complete Hood Pin Kit

Let’s face it: off-roading is hard on equipment.  Racers and recreational off-roaders alike demand equipment that won’t let them down when they need it the most.  Plus, anyone can appreciate the value of high-quality hood attachments.  Whether it’s barreling down a remote desert road at 85 mph or on a rocky trail with trees constantly threatening your truck’s sheetmetal, everyone would prefer that a rig’s hood stay put.  Daystar’s new Hood Pin Kits are the ultimate solution for keeping fiberglass and steel hoods secure yet easily removable.

Daystar’s Hood Pin Kits utilize Polyurethane grommets that help keep the hood isolated from its attachment points.  Without these grommets, fiberglass hoods tend to crack around their mounting points.  The grommet allows a certain amount of give that enables the fiberglass to flex as needed, yet still maintain a positive attachment.  The kit includes a 5/8” diameter steel pin along with stainless steel fasteners to attach the grommet to the hood.  A spring retaining clip rounds out the kit.
The Daystar Hood Pin Kits are sold individually since not everyone uses an even number of hood pins (i.e. some racers use three across the front).  Part number KU71104BK is a complete hood pin kit that includes everything needed for one pin (grommet, pin, and related hardware).  Since racing by necessity is hard on equipment, Daystar also offers the hood pin components individually.  Best of all, they are priced with the budget racer in mind!
  • Constructed of High-Quality Polyurethane material
  • Prevents fiberglass hoods from cracking around attachment points
  • Includes the necessary components for one complete Hood Pin
  • Components are also available individually
  • Made in the USA


Installation Requires (< 1 Hour):



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