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Synergy Budget Bump Stop

Synergy Budget Bump Stop
Synergy Budget Bump Stop

This part is designed for the builder who wants to add air bump stops to their truck or buggy, but can't afford the shocks yet. The 3 snap ring grooves are used for air bump stop mock up when you are positioning the air bump can mounts. When the bump can mounts are positioned, the part can be used as a bump stop with poly or foam bump stops. When you have the ability to add air bump stops, your rig is ready to go.

  • Manufactured from Solid T-6061 Aluminum
  • Designed to Mimic a Hydraulic Air Bump Stop at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Spiral Snap Ring Offers 3 Positions of Adjustment
  • - Position 1: Stock TJ Front Bump Stop Cup and Foam Bump Stop
  • - Position 2: Daystar DAS-KU09006-BK and DAS-KU09014-BK Poly and EVS Foam Bump Stops
  • - Position 3: Used for Mock Up of Hydraulic Air Bumps


  • Bump Cans, Bump Stops, and Pads sold separately 


Installation Requires (< 1 Hour):



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