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OMIX-ADA Jeep CJ5 76-83 Body Tub Licensed MOPAR Restoration Product

OMIX-ADA Jeep CJ5 76-83 Body Tub Licensed MOPAR Restoration Product
Product Code(s): DMC-5461335
UPC: 804314069957
Shipping Weight: 325.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 88.00 x 60.00 x 29.00
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Price: $4,799.98
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We take pride in being one of the few manufacturers strong enough to stand behind the legendary Jeep name. This is why we have been authorized to use the MOPAR Authentic Restoration and MOPAR Official Licensed Product logos for the more than 30 licensed parts we produce.

18 gauge steel used on body tubs in the front and rear flooring, all mounting brackets, top cowl assembly, and wheel housings. 16 gauge steel used on body tubs for all side and tail panels. Manufactured using a seven-step metal preparation process, including: A 5 bath dip to totally eliminate rust, dirt and grease; a phosphate and acid rinse step to ensure corrosion resistance and proper adhesion of the primer; new primer formula and application method that is designed for smooth and even finish. Includes all major factory mounting locations, including channels for body mounting.

  • Body Tub, With Jeep Script Stamped In Cowl Sides, 1976-1983 CJ5, Official MOPAR Licensed Restoration Product
  • Licensed MOPAR Restoration Product
  • Body Tubs, Kits and related body panels such as hoods, fenders, tailgates and windshield frames that are branded as Omix-ADA® are replica products intended for OE replacement or restoration projects. These parts are not finished goods and are usually shipped in a protective primer paint to prevent rust in shipment. The expectation should be that more finish work will be  required, including adding some additional holes to bodies, sanding and priming of the sheet metal, and proper alignment on the vehicle for the specific project  at hand. Due care has been taken in packaging these products at the time of shipping to prevent damage while maintaining a cost effective weight and materials expense. All body parts are sold As-Is and no returns are allowed on these items.


Installation Requires (Gonna take a while):



CJ5 76-83

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