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Rugged Ridge Jeep JK 07-Up Modular XHD Snorkel Pre Filter (3.6L, 3.8L)

Brand: Rugged Ridge
Product Code(s): 17756.09
UPC: 804314250669
Shipping Weight: 1.60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8.00 x 8.00 x 8.00
Availability: In Stock

Price: $44.99
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Rugged Ridge’s pre-filter is designed to work with both the 3.6L and 3.8L XHD Modular Snorkel. The pre-filter extends the engine filter life even in the dustiest environments. The pre-filter forces the air into a turbulence which collects the heavier dust and moisture on the outside of the pre-filter bowl, where it is deposited. The remaining clean air is drawn into the engine via the engine’s air filter.


Installation Requires (< 1 Hour):



Wrangler JK 2DR 07-Up
Wrangler JK 4DR 07-Up

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