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sPOD Hi-Amp Circuit Breaker

Brand: SPOD
Product Code(s): 580-HACP
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Price: $80.00
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The new Hi-Amp Circuit Protection “Option”
With the growing demand for higher current (amperage) and circuit protection, sPOD has designed and engineered a totally new option for the customers that need a higher current capacity with ultimate circuit protection! The existing circuit breaker we supply has a high limit of 50 amps. Our new Hi-Amp Circuit Protection will bring it up to 80 amps! We call it a Duty Safe Breaker. The term Duty Safe comes from the idea that most things that are added to vehicles do not run 100% of the time but when they are running they can draw high currents. So a duty cycle concept for a circuit breaker is needed for these applications.
The benefits of this are:
  • Nomechanical parts or contacts to wear out.
  • It’s self-healing so no replacement is required.
  • It will not reset if there is an actual circuit fault.
  • It helps prevent a reset until short is fixed by working thermally.
  • Allows up to 80 amps before shutting off the system.
  • Fully integrated into the positive power cable.


Installation Requires (1-2 Hours):



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