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Daystar Hi-Lift Jack Isolator

Daystar Hi-Lift Jack Isolator
Daystar Hi-Lift Jack Isolator

Everyone should carry an off-road jack when venturing into the outback but storage of the jack remains a problem, especially when it comes to the handle. It tends to rattle against the main bar of the jack, flops around, and generally makes a nuisance of itself. Daystar created the Jack Isolator to provide convenient, rattle-free storage for the jack handle by sliding over the main bar of the jack and the handle itself. There have been many imitators since we invented this problem-solving device, but there is no substitute for the original!


  • Hi-Lift Jack Isolator
  • Solution For Lost Or Rattling Handles
  • Fits Snugly Over Jack And Handle To Hold Securely
  • No More Tape Or Bailing Wire
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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  • Brand Daystar
  • Model: KU71071BK KU71071RB KU71071RE KU71071YL
  • Weight: 1.00lb
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