Rock Lights

Rock Lights

EAD Offroad carries LED rock lights and mounting solutions from industry leaders like GenRight, Vision X and more.  If you can't find what you are looking for please call us on (888) 521-0170 or send us an email.

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Vision X Tantrum LED Rock Light Kit White

Tantrum kits are the ultimate strobe system on the market, featuring one of a kind LED pods that hav..


Vision X Universal White Billet LED Pod

Universal led pod features a billet mounting base and 15 hi output 5mm LED's which put out over 1 wa..


LED Rock Light Kit 6 White Stick On Mounts

This is the latest in LED Rock Lights! This a super high quality 6pc LED light set that can be mount..


LED 3W Light Bar

This is a LED Light bar! This small LED light bar is super high quality and can be mounted anywhere ..


LED 3W Light - Stud Mount

This is a "stud mounted" type LED Rock Light! This tiny LED light is super high quality and can be m..