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Poison Spyder JK 12-Up 2-Door Trail Cage Kit (Bolt-Together)

Poison Spyder JK 12-Up 2-Door Trail Cage Kit (Bolt-Together)
Poison Spyder JK 12-Up 2-Door Trail Cage Kit (Bolt-Together)

The Poison Spyder Bolt-Together Trail Cage Kit is the strongest add-on cage you can bolt in to your JK. Designed to strengthen your Jeep's existing roll bar, the Poison Spyder Trail Cage Kit fortifies the driver and passenger area by adding a robust cage fabricated from CNC laser notched, NC-bent DOM steel tubing and CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed 3/16" plate steel components. When shopping for a cage kit for your Jeep, make sure that any product you are considering uses stronger DOM, "Drawn Over Mandrel" structural tubing rather than the cheaper welded seam tubing that some manufacturers use.

A Better Bolt-Together Method

Bolt-in cage kits need a way to join the structural tubing components of the kit. Popular kits on the market today use either a knuckle-style clamp or a simple tube insert with crush bolt. Both methods have their weaknesses. For instance the large knuckle style clamps may look beefy, but they're still pre-loading a clamping force onto a rather thin wall tube, creating a dangerous stress riser right at the junction of two tube members—where the cage is likely to see its biggest stresses. Poison Spyder uses a system of CNC machined, solid steel interlocking tube couplers that are placed inline along the run of a tube member, rather than at the joints of the cage. These tube clamps are placed where the cage is not likely to see side loads, however they are still stronger than the knuckle style clamp in a side-loading situation. At the tube junctions are the high quality, laser-notched, professionally welded tube junctions you would find in a custom fabricated cage. The interlocking tube couplers are also lower profile, with the same outside diameter as the tubing itself, so it yields a sleeker, less "bolt-in" appearance.

Full-Height A-Pillar Assembly

The A-Pillar section of the Poison Spyder JK Trail Cage Kit extends all the way to the floor of the JK with a single piece of CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed 3/16" plate steel. The A-Pillar hugs the contours of the Jeep's dash ends perfectly, making the best use of the limited space available for an A-Pillar that does not hinder legroom or ease of entry. The A-Pillar bolts not only to the floor, but to the forward door post via a 1/2" thick strengthening rib, and also to the dash structure itself. The lower end of the A-Pillar is fortified with heavy duty gusseting. Competitors' cage kits either do not include full-height A-Pillars (stopping at the bottom of the dash) or require the purchase of a separate bolt-on lower piece.

Full DOM Tube Door Headers

The Poison Spyder JK Trail Cage Kit includes full DOM replacements for the cheap stock header bars. The DOM tube structure of the header bars is integrated into the overal cage design to form a complete, well thought-out cage structure. Some competing bolt-in cages retain the use of the stock header bars, clamping the added-on components to the weak thin wall stock tubing.


DOM Tube Dash and Windshield Crossbars

The Poison Spyder JK Trail Cage Kit includes DOM tube crossbars just above the dash and at the top of the windshield, to provide structural rigidity and side-load strength to the cage. The upper windshield crossbar is compatible with the popular sPOD power disctribution system switch panel, as well as the OE sun visors. The dash bar tighltly hugs the top of the Jeep's dash, but is compatible with the factory tweeter speakers. By using Poison Spyder's interlocking tube coupler system, these horizontal members of the cage bolt together while preserving the strength of a traditional welded cage.

Plate Steel Center Stringer

The center overhead stringer on the Poison Spyder JK Trail Cage Kit is fabricated from CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16" plate steel. Other cages on the market use two pieces of tubing for the center stringers, but Poison Spyder's 3/16" plate steel piece provides ultimate overhead protection, great looks, and a convenient flat mounting surface for items like CB radios, switches, dome lights, etc. The top of the stringer "box" is open, for easy access for wiring, or as a convenient place to store maps under a soft top.

Optional Entry Grab Handles

Entry Grab Handles may be added to your JK Trail Cage Kit, by selecting it from the options when adding to your cart. These handles are NC-bent, 1.25" OD DOM tubing, and designed to aid ease-of-entry as well as provide a solid grab point for driver and passenger while four-wheeling. The handles will come already welded to the Trail Cage.





Installation Requires (6 Hours):



Wrangler JK 2DR 12-Up
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